Why Us

We are experienced in the law enforcement and legal field with a combined 25 years of experience and are presently employed in the respective fields. So, when founder Greg Sanchez, a Detective, continued to be asked "What safety tips should I take, when meeting someone online?” He would offer the important advice of letting a trusting family member or friend know where and who you’re going out with. He would then be told, "That’s the problem, I met this person on an online dating site, and I’m a little embarrassed to let a family member know that my date is from the internet.”

After much thought and research, Greg and Marcello found that there are all kinds of internet dating sites, but there were almost no safe guards for the individuals who use them or dating safety tools. They then put together a safety tip list and incorporated a notification system, which notifies a member’s Alert Contact person if the member fails to confirm their safe return home from after a date, into a dating safety website and was born.

Here are a few disturbing stats regarding online dating safety:


Today, there are nearly 600,000 registered sex offenders in the United States; however, as many as 150,000 are 'lost' in the system having failed to comply with registration duties and remain undetected due to law enforcement's inability to track their whereabouts. (NCMEC, July 26, 2006)

There are some sexual predators and sex offenders who specifically use online dating services to target single parents who are dating online in order to get to their kids. (

1 out of 10 sex offenders use online dating to meet people. (

1 out of 3 women who meet men online have sex on the first encounter. (

4 out of 5 of them did not use protection. (

• Men and women lie about personal information in their online profiles. ( has the technology and the resources to monitor your personal safety and is backed by their passionate support staff that is dedicated to monitoring your safe arrival! Our goal at is to provide a unique service to it's members that is user friendly and aims to create an innovative platforms in the public safety field.