Kicking Registered Sex Offenders off Online Dating/Social Media Websites

The purpose of this petition is to show Texas Legislators that we believe tougher laws should be passed to make it a criminal act if a registered sex offender is a member of an online dating/social media website. We feel that current law to keep the online dating community safe, does not place any responsibility upon the sex offenders who are deceptively using online dating/social media websites to search for their next victim and that these sex offenders should be held accountable for their actions.

As constituents, we are tired of hearing about sex offenders who intentionally prey on lonely hearts in search of their victims, not only adult victims, but to befriend an adult in plans to sexually assault their children.

We, the undersigned, demand our state legislators vote into law the following changes as a criminal offense and the punishments associated with committing the criminal act:

Registered Sex Offender a Member of an Online Dating/Social Media Website. (a) A person commits an offense if the person, a registered sex offender, knowingly is or becomes a member of an online dating/social media website.

(b) An offense under this section is a five year sentence for each online dating/social media website that the registered sex offender is found to be a member of, and to prohibit a registered sex offender from possession, access, ownership of an electronic device that transmits or connects the electronic device to access the internet.

(c) It is not a defense to prosecution that:
(1) the actor made no attempt to contact another member on the online dating/social media website;
(2) the actor was only replying to a member who initiated the contact.

Help in supporting this very important issue by showing that you agree that registered sex offenders should be prohibited from being a member of an online dating/social media website, by signing our petition! We have a goal to reach 2,000 signatures, to present to Texas Legislators to bring awareness to online dating safety.