Why use

Although on line dating has become very popular, there still is a stigma associated with on line dating. Users may be embarrassed to tell friends or family they are going out with someone they meet on line. provides members a sense of security that if the unfortunate may occur, an alert contact will be notified. We are proud to be the first online dating safety website that not only gives tips about dating safety, but also offers a free dating safety tool!

Will contact the police if I don’t respond within the 8 hour period?

If you do not confirm your safe return within 16 hours we will contact your alert contact. If your alert contact is unsuccessful in contacting you and feels that your absence may be suspicious, we suggest that they contact the local law enforcement agency where you reside and supply them with any info deemed of importance.

Do you share my profile?

We are only interested in your safety while dating! We are not in the business of sharing your profile to third parties. The exception is if a situation arises where your safety may be in jeopardy we will assist with law enforcement agencies in any way possible, this includes sharing your profile with law enforcement.

Is there a fee to use

No. There are no fees associated to use our services. We strongly believe the service offered by is unique and we feel that everyone should have the opportunity to access this valuable safety tool.

Are your services only for people who go out on dates with people they meet on line?

No. Anyone may use our service weather they meet their date in a chat room, online dating service, blind date or bar. We are here to promote safe dating.

Who can I use as my Alert Contact?

You can use anyone you want to, that has a working email address. We do suggest you choose a person who checks their email on a daily basis and knows of several means of contacting you.

What dating tips do you suggest?

See our dating tips section for ideas to help you be aware on your date.

Why do I need to give my personal physical characteristics to

We hope everyone returns safely from a date. As a veteran police officer, I know sometimes situations can turn very ugly! If for some reason you cannot confirm your safe return and your alert contact cannot contact you. We will provide your profile, which contains your personal data, to any law enforcement agency investigating your location. The more personal information you provide to, the better we may assist any law enforcement agency in locating you.

Is it important to enter additional information of the person/place boxes?

Yes! This very important! Add as much information as possible that you have of your date, ex. type of vehicle they drive, where they work, what online dating site you meet this person on, their screen name, email address, physical characteristics.