Dating Safety Tips

Ready to go on your date? Excited? Hoping this could be the special one? We hope your date is everything you wish for and more! Have fun, but also be concerned about your safety! We've added a few tips to follow along with using our unique online dating safety tool!

Here are a few dating safety tips to follow:

When meeting for the first time, never allow your date to pick you up from your home. In fact, your date shouldn't even know your home address yet!

For a first meeting, always meet in a public place where other people are in close proximity. You may also want to consider going out with a group of people, or a double date.

It's important never to let your guard down when on a first date. Never assume a man is safe just because he claims to be religious or a gentleman.

If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. And if you haven’t met him before, and you know at the beginning of the date that something doesn’t feel right, then leave immediately.

As you chat via email and on the phone you may be able to start to pick out characteristics of the other person. Are they controlling? Do they seem to anger easily? Do they avoid some of your questions? These can be questionable characteristics that tell you it's time to move on.

Be sure not to include your last name, address, workplace, phone number, or any other identifying information when corresponding online.

Surprise call. Call your date at unscheduled times. If your date real appreciates spending the time with you, they will never complain about you calling, at anytime. Look for signs of stress. And again, listen to background noise and make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.

Never rush into a date. Get to know the person on the other side, especially when you can see them. Find out about his habits, know how he talks and how his mood changes. If you sense that something is wrong with this person overtime, than there probably is.

Get a free anonymous e-mail account. NEVER give out your real email or name online. Remove any names and email address that you use for online dating purposes.